Yes ,your computer knows how-but your sensors tell it when, where and how much.


The Hot Metal Detector (HMD) which, for decades has been operating successfully worldwide in the steel industry. Hot Metal Detectors (HMDs) are used in many different applications throughout the metals rolling process, for target detection, tracking and length determination. They are also an essential component of cut-to-length systems. Reduce Your Trash!

  • For Hot areas of the Steel Industry
  • Various Application Possibilities
  • Temperature response from 350°C to 1500°C
  • Rugged Industrial Version

    Reduce Your Trash!The hot metal detector is an infrared switch especially designed for fault free operation in the harsh environments of heavy industry. For more than 25 years HMD has been successfully installed to monitor hot products in

    Rolling Mills

    To Control cut to length shearing, monitor hot rods, controlling roller tables, coil regulating, switching in crosscut hauler, monitor de-scaler, cooling beds, winder control, monitor edge washing, continuous casting or tracking of high speed wire.

    General Industry

    Wherever Infrared radiation requires a reliable Signal.

    Principle of Operation

    Reduce Your Trash!The infrared radiation, received through the lens system, is transmitted to IR Detector. When the Radiation exceeds a trigger point, the electrical switching output is activated.

    Design Feature

    HMD are rugged infrared switches completely epoxy resin encapsulated in stainless steel housings.HMD’s are designed to be impervious to the effects of steam,water,dust,shock,vibration and oily conditions associated with heavy industrial environments. They are temperature compensated for extreme ambient temperature conditions.

    The sketch indicates a typical application in a slab mill. The viewing angle determines the scanned area.


    Reduce Your Trash!Sensors are the most essential tool for any Steel Producing Industries, as they guide the Computer Controls for various applications, so as to eliminate false signal from clogging ...foul up metallurgical


    Reduce Your Trash!


    Reduce Your Trash!The CHANDAN Hot Metal Detector was developed to provide users with a higher accuracy, faster response and more rugged HMD that could outperform any other HMDs from as far away as 5000 mm from a slab, plate or strip. With no moving parts, it is also the easiest both to apply and to maintain. Reduce Your Trash!


    Infrared Sensors recognize the natural radiation of warm objects over a great distance. They are applied when other proximity switches cannot operate properly because of high radiation or ambient temperatures.

    Reduce Your Trash!